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Late afternoon, with the sun bowing low in the sky, the heavy orange radiance of the last light flooded horizontally into the building, but the world of the interior, where the lights were off, was already half sunk in darkness. 


Suah, B. (2020). Untold Night and Day. Translated by D, Smith. Korea: Jaemgua Mouem.

According to Dionysius, the Divine Darkness appears dark only because it is so dazzlingly bright - a paradox I have attempted to understand by looking directly at the sun and noticing the dark spot that flowers at its center. But as compelling as this paradox, or this experiment may be, I am not as interested in it as I am in the fact that in Christian iconography, this “dazzling darkness” appears with startling regularity as blue. 


Nelson, M. (2009). Bluets. 10th anniversary edition. Seattle/New York: Wave Books.

He’d probably stand all rigid, like he was balancing a teacup full of fire on his head, and past him I would see our living room and the window we used to smoke out of when we were younger and still in love and everything still seemed possible so we could destroy our lungs a little, we could hold fire in our fingers, dare our bodies, and past the window the light and the sky would say it might soon rain. But it hadn’t yet.


Lacey, C. (2014). Nobody is Ever Missing. Great Britain: Granta Books.

Like the rainbow

After the rain

Joy will reveal itself

After sorrow


Kaur, R. (2017). The Sun and Her Flowers. USA: Andrews McMeel Publishing.

We like it here closer to the sky, here amidst the debris of human desire we look towards the dissolving sun fizzing in effervescent sky.


Başkan, E. (2019). A Portrait of Alice as a Young Man. Melbourne: Vre books.

Their faces in the darkness garish with electric light. The heat and the noise and electric light in the darkness produced an atmosphere of unvarying excitement, like a wave continually breaking.


Cusk, R. (2014). Outline. London: Faber and Faber Limited

At that time I felt as if every night I, too, were gazing out a porthole at a moon made of ice.


Murakami, H. (2017). Men Without Women. Translated by P, Gabriel. and T, Goosen. Japan: Harvill Secker.

Jeanne has drawn the curtains; the light, grown green, has filled the room like water. Jeanne listens to the noises of the hotel - lift moving up along its cables, doors slamming, groundswell of a vacuum cleaner.


Leger, N. (2019). The Collection. Translated by L, Francis. London: Granta Publications

Come summer, my reluctance kicks in. It’s as if the sheer persistence of a July day--the sun’s glare, its flecked appraisal of pavement and trees, those bonus evening hours--solicits from me an essential need to withdraw.


Chew-Bose, D. (2017). Too Much and Not the Mood. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

A black cloud continued to loom over Dichtersruhe, as black as the ink poured over hundreds of thousands of pages that no one would ever read.


Maurensig, P. (2018). A Devil comes to Town. Translated by A, Milan Appel. New York/London/Amsterdam: World Editions.