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Ryan Hoffmann is an artist currently based in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. He completed his MFA at the National Art School of Australia and the Glasgow School of Art in 2014, and since then, he has lived and worked in Sydney, Berlin, and Melbourne.

Hoffmann’s work deals with ideas of light, atmosphere, and place. His use of colour and surface is related to his relationship with the natural environment. Materials such as paint, linen, aluminium, resin, gypsum and timber are used to make forms and shaped supports, focusing on a material language. These forms serve as optical tools that alter light and contribute to the ever-shifting quality of his work.

The titles of Hoffmann's artworks reflect time, personal anecdotes, and specific locations, forming a cohesive catalogue within an ongoing process. This approach establishes a system for documenting his life and artistic expression. By adopting this continuous methodology, Hoffmann's studio practice becomes an exploration of temporality and impermanence, offering a space for contemplation and experimentation.