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Experiencing falling as an idea and action: Leaving the Berlin studio; one of those stairways in Berlin that gets full light for an hour a day. The cold cement, my butt, my wrist. I fall. After picking myself up from the stairs, I realised I was interested in falling, thinking about it and reframing my view of it. Cycles of impermanence.

The falling motif informed the forms, notes and subsequent titles of the works in this show. Waterfalls and leaves influence abstract drawings and watercolours, from which three-dimensional steam bent canvases are made.

Elements are moved, attached, removed, painted and coupled. As I work on these paintings, I also work on the parts of my life that are falling. A list of Notes on Falling, accompanies the show. The allegorical nature of the notes provides an entry point to the paintings, the titles of which are derived from these notes. Although the notes and paintings exist side by side, it is intended that they complement each other.

They are composed of small moments to remind me of my place in the natural environment and in time.


Notes on Falling - Artist book pdf download